To change your address on your Civil ID, you will need to gather some documents including your Visa document, original contract, a photo of the Paci number outside your door, your last two rental receipts, the Civil IDs of your sponsor and any dependents, the passport of your sponsor, and a recent photo of yourself if the one on your Civil ID is outdated.

Next, bring these documents to a QPoint typing center (I recommend the Salmiya 10/12 location) where they will help you fill out the necessary forms. After this, make an appointment online through the Meta website ( Be sure to print out your appointment confirmation and bring it with you.

At your appointed time, go to the designated location (I went to the Liberation Tower at 12 pm and there was hardly anyone there) and present your documents to security. They will review them and provide you with a token. When called, proceed to the counter where your information will be verified and your forms will be placed in Paci envelopes. Your address should be updated immediately in MobileID, but you may or may not be asked to upload a new photo.

After about three hours, check the status of your Civil ID on the Paci website and pay the required fees (KD 5 for the sponsor and KD 0.250 for each dependent, plus a Paci envelope fee). If you need to upload a new photo, do so through the Paci website under “Non-Kuwaiti Photo Update” ( by providing a scan of your passport and a photo that closely resembles the one in your passport. It may take up to three business days for your Civil ID to be ready for pickup.