324 Cafés and Restaurants Close after a Surprise Inspection that Unleashes Chaos

According to Abdullah Al-Kandari, the director of the Hawally Governorate Inspection Department at the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN), there were 324 violations in Hawally in total in November. In addition, 300 arrest reports for violations were issued, and 24 food establishments were closed, according to Al-Anba daily. Several inspectors from the authority were recently taken on an inspection tour in Hawally by members of the staff of the daily.

After the inspection, Al-Kandari reported that a number of live insects were discovered in the restaurants, café, and seafood shop, leading to their closure for multiple infractions including not adhering to public sanitary rules. He said that a decision regarding the temporary opening of the infraction-committing establishments will be made soon in order to remedy the violations. After that, the inspectors will reevaluate the establishments and provide a report on this matter. He continued by saying that seven employees in one of the shuttered businesses were discovered handling food without a current health certificate from the relevant authorities. As a result, the inspectors filed arrest warrants for both the staff members and the business owner. He clarified that the power.

For instance, if someone starts a restaurant without first getting a health permit, the Public Prosecution is notified and an arrest report is prepared. The establishment can only open in case of an evacuation. He said that in order to restart the business, the owner needs to get a license. Al-Kandari stated that the restaurant in question is closed down for violating public sanitation standards, but it is permitted to reopen for a brief period of time in order to clean the space rather than do business. Then, he disclosed, inspectors from the authority would reevaluate the facility, make sure the infraction is remedied, file a report on the matter, and make an administrative decision to reopen and carry on with business. for serious infractions, including handling food that shouldn’t be consumed by humans;

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