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8 detained over Mangaf fire during building inspections

On Wednesday, the public prosecution ordered the two-week detention of eight people—a Kuwaiti, four Egyptians, and three Indians—in connection with the Mangaf fire that killed 49 people, mostly Indians. The prosecution questioned them on charges of manslaughter, wrongful injury, and negligence in the fire that also injured at least 49 others.

The fire, the worst in Kuwait’s history, prompted authorities to start inspections to prevent future tragedies. The bodies of the 45 Indian victims were repatriated just before Eid Al-Adha.

The Indian Embassy reported that the number of Indians in hospitals decreased from 35 to 25. Of the 196 residents, 176 were Indian, along with Filipinos, Thais, Pakistanis, and Egyptians. Local media mentioned that HH the Amir ordered a $15,000 payment to each victim’s relatives, though it hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Meanwhile, the interior ministry conducted building inspections to remove violations and prevent future fires. Sheikh Fahad said there would be no tolerance for landlords prioritizing profit over safety. The law will be enforced equally, and all violations must be addressed quickly. Sheikh Fahad also visited a shelter for workers and ordered faster deportations.

Kuwait Municipality’s Saud Al-Dabbous announced law amendments to improve enforcement, as current laws require landlord or public prosecution approval for inspections. Minister Noura Al-Mashaan suspended several municipal officials and formed a committee to investigate their roles in the fire.

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