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An expatriate has been detained for their involvement in money laundering

The Public Prosecutor has ordered the detention of an expatriate over allegations of involvement in a significant money laundering case, as reported by Al-Anba daily. Despite the expatriate’s denial and claims of victimization by a specialized network, investigations indicate his full responsibility for banking operations conducted through his accounts prior to the network’s involvement. A security source revealed that the Criminal Investigation Department received a tip-off about the expatriate allegedly facilitating money laundering transactions to a network outside Kuwait. Consequently, security forces apprehended him at his residence. During interrogation, the expatriate admitted to working as a driver and taking up an online job to promote goods for extra income. He confessed to providing his banking details, including IBAN and account number, believing his nearly empty account wouldn’t be misused for illegal activities.

In response, a security source warned both citizens and residents against sharing banking information with untrustworthy individuals, emphasizing the account holder’s accountability for all transactions. Additionally, the source cautioned about organized criminal networks using false job opportunities to involve individuals in unlawful schemes.

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