Article 20 Visa Transfer: Move to Curb Workers Fleeing Sponsors

Domestic worker affairs specialist Bassam Al-Shammari stated that the decision by Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef to allow domestic workers to transfer to the private sector from July 14 to Sept 12 aims to curb the trend of domestic workers moving illicitly into the private sector. This trend emerged due to a shortage of skilled labor following the departure of many workers affected by the 60-year-old worker policy.

According to statistics from the Public Authority for Manpower, about 30 percent of violations related to residency and domestic work laws involve workers fleeing from their sponsors. Despite the short two-month implementation period, Al-Shammari expects hundreds of workers to benefit and urges government bodies to consider extending the timeframe. He notes that workers who recently adjusted their status or left Kuwait could also benefit.

Al-Shammari also highlights the potential reduction in labor disputes among domestic workers, which could alleviate pressure on shelters managed by the Manpower Authority. He predicts increased demand for the Need Estimation Department with the implementation of this transfer decision, especially with the recent policy allowing companies to recruit all their licensed workers directly from abroad without mandatory internal transfers.

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