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Clinics are overwhelmed as students flood in for medical leave

The surge of students seeking medical leave to excuse their school absences is overwhelming clinics, raising concerns about their capacity and healthcare standards. Auditors are examining weekend and Monday medical services as clinics are inundated with students vying for medical leave to justify their absence from school.

Clinics are struggling to manage the flood of students, compounded by widespread school absenteeism and pressure from the Ministry of Education. Long queues stretch outside clinics, highlighting staff shortages and a lack of effective management strategies. Some clinics see patient numbers exceeding 350 in the evenings, with Ministry of Health officials notably absent.

This recurring issue before official school holidays raises doubts about clinics’ ability to address the problem effectively. Concerns are growing over the strain on resources, affecting genuine patients and healthcare quality, a key government priority.

Health sources recognize the challenges posed by overcrowding and suggest activating regulatory procedures to prioritize genuine patients. They stress the need to activate electronic sick leave and call for stakeholder cooperation to find a solution.

Acknowledging flaws in the current sick leave mechanism, sources criticize healthy students exploiting medical care and advocate for systemic reforms to prevent future crises.

The dispensary crisis, widespread and persistent, affects multiple facilities due to similar operational challenges. Urgent measures are required to ease the strain on clinics and ensure efficient healthcare delivery amid rising demands.

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