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Employment registration is open up to the age of 65 years

According to Al-Anbaa sources, citizens aged 18 to 65 can register for employment in the Central Employment System at the Civil Service Commission. A notable case involves a 55-year-old, registered since 2000, who remains on the waiting list after being rejected by an employer.

Despite previous rejections, these registered citizens will be given job opportunities again. There are concerns about potentially losing these opportunities, crucial for those urgently needing employment. About 3,500 citizens have been rejected or refused job opportunities.

Priority will be given to those previously nominated and rejected multiple times, though not all rejected individuals may be nominated due to new needs. This opens opportunities for new candidates, especially those who haven’t received any job offers before.

Under the new rules, candidates refusing nominations for two different government agencies will lose their right to the role and be re-registered as first-time applicants. These guidelines aim to streamline the process and ensure fair job allocation. Further updates will be provided by the relevant authorities.

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