Fake ‘Sheikh’ sentenced to 2 years in jail as court overturns verdict

The Court of Appeals overturned the verdict issued by a lower court that acquitted an imposter. Instead, the court sentenced him to two years of imprisonment with hard labor for impersonating a member of the ruling family, deceiving a Kuwaiti woman, taking her money, and tricking her into buying a chalet in Mina Abdullah. The Public Prosecution charged the accused with seizing money from the victim by deceiving her, claiming to be a member of the ruling family using the title of ‘sheikh’, and falsely promising to allocate state-owned lands. Based on these deceptions, he obtained her money. Additionally, he was charged with deliberately misusing a smartphone to commit the crime mentioned earlier, as indicated in the investigations. During the court session, the victim’s defense counsel, Lawyer Abdul Mohsen Al-Qattan, argued for a civil claim amounting to KD 5,001 as temporary civil compensation, emphasizing that the accused had committed similar crimes in the past. Al-Qattan referred to the case documents related to the current accusation, stating, ‘We find that the crime of fraud, with all its legal elements and aspects, was committed against the accused, namely that the accused deceived the victim.’ It is legally stipulated that fraudulent methods must be used, such as external appearances or actions tailored to support the offender’s statements and make the fraud appear true. The deception becomes fraudulent if accompanied by material actions or external facts that lead to belief in its authenticity. Among these fraudulent methods specified by law is creating the illusion of a false project to create hope for imaginary profit or fabricating a document, among other methods.

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