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Ice Cream Vendors in Kuwait: Enduring the Heat

Ice cream vendors in Kuwait are a familiar sight, pushing their tricycles with colorful umbrellas that stand out amidst the traffic. Employed by dairy companies, they earn commissions on sales, though companies take a large cut. Hassan, a 32-year-old Syrian vendor, expressed his wish for better working conditions, like having a car instead of a tricycle or a more effective umbrella for shade.

During the summer ban on outdoor work from 11 am to 4 pm, some vendors still operate, risking health and job security. Hassan explained that this time is peak sales hours due to people being at work. Despite hardships, vendors like Hassan remain grateful, attributing their livelihood to divine providence.

Ice cream vendors are integral to Kuwait’s culinary scene, offering a variety of flavors to combat the scorching heat. They uphold traditions and adapt to meet modern demands, ensuring their products remain authentic and affordable for Kuwait’s ice cream enthusiasts.

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