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Kuwait’s skilled labor shortage worsens as authorities intensify their crackdown

The wages of skilled and professional workers in Kuwait have increased significantly, exacerbating a labor shortage. This shortage has impacted citizens building homes, particularly due to the crackdown on residency law violators.

The Ministry of Interior’s intensive security campaigns have led to the arrest and exodus of many illegal workers. As a result, remaining workers have doubled their daily wages, causing delays in construction projects.

Khaled Al-Anzi, head of the Mutlaa residents’ committee, highlighted that the crackdown has made it difficult for plot owners to find workers. He noted that wages for tasks like surveying, electrical work, and finishing have risen from 15 to 30 dinars per day. Al-Anzi supported the Ministry’s efforts but acknowledged the resulting labor shortage and urged for skilled workers to transition to appropriate roles.

Al-Anzi praised the government’s decision to allow domestic workers to transfer to the private sector. He called for expedited processes to bring in legal labor, attract trained workers, and allow those with technical skills to work in the private sector. Khaled Al-Daihani, head of the South Abdullah Al-Mubarak Residents Committee, echoed these concerns, noting that valid residence permits don’t always match workers’ actual jobs, causing further delays in construction.

The Ministry of Interior continues its efforts to arrest illegal workers, with recent campaigns resulting in 100 arrests. Security sources confirmed that violators are being deported immediately and barred from returning to Kuwait. These campaigns, supervised by top security officials, will continue with surprise checkpoints to catch offenders.

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