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The disorganized structure of th Civil Service Commission (CSC) is negatively impacting the nomination process for public sector jobs

Citizens registered in the Civil Service Commission’s central employment system are experiencing delays in their nominations for public sector jobs due to the disorganized structure within the CSC, according to sources cited by Al-Anba daily. The haphazard distribution of departments within the CSC has led to inefficiencies in completing the necessary paperwork, as well as the scattering of responsibilities that should be centralized within specific departments or sectors.

Sources explain that the nomination process involves coordination among multiple departments, including Information Systems, Ranking, and Selection. However, bureaucratic hurdles, such as the need for approval from various levels of authority, further contribute to the delays. Additionally, critical departments like Budget, Job Title Modification, and Manpower Needs are dispersed across different sectors, complicating the nomination process.

Moreover, discrepancies in departmental responsibilities have arisen, such as the Job Arrangement Department’s placement under the Financial and Administrative Sector instead of the Employment Sector, where it rightfully belongs. This misalignment creates bottlenecks in approving job titles and organizing job descriptions.

The current organizational structure fails to prioritize the Employment Sector, which is crucial for the CSC’s functioning. Consequently, departments essential to employment procedures are fragmented across various sectors, hindering efficiency.

To address these issues, sources emphasize the importance of realigning departmental responsibilities and ensuring that departments vital to employment processes are consolidated under the Employment Sector. Additionally, they highlight the need to relocate departments like the Termination of Expatriates’ Services from the Employment Sector to more suitable sectors, such as Legal Affairs. This restructuring aims to streamline operations and improve overall effectiveness within the CSC.

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