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The Kuwait Relief Society is sending another medical team to the Gaza Strip

To continue aiding the health system in Gaza during ongoing Israeli attacks, the Kuwait Relief Society sent a second medical team to the region. The team includes 17 members, with 14 Kuwaiti medical professionals. They flew from Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base to Al-Arish International Airport in Egypt, then to Gaza via the Rafah crossing. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Saleh, Chairman of the Society, said they brought six tons of medical supplies to support Gaza’s healthcare, especially for severe cases.

The team plans to perform surgeries and provide relief projects like food and shelter, as part of the ongoing “Fazaa for Palestine” campaign. Jamal Al-Nouri, Treasurer of the Society, mentioned the success of the first trip, which included 184 surgeries, over 1,000 medical exams, and aid to 70,000 people. This second team shows Kuwait’s commitment to helping Gaza during conflicts and crises.

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