a) Expatsinkuwait.com is dedicated to publishing truthful information in all of its content, and it will make every effort to do so. We take several actions to guarantee accuracy: We scrutinize claims skeptically, raise doubts about presumptions, and refute received wisdom.

b) We pledge to ensure that every output is accurate to the required degree. This dedication is essential to maintaining our reputation and audiences’ trust. The word “due” implies that the accuracy must be sufficient and appropriate for the output, considering the topic and content’s nature, and clearly stating or emphasizing any limitations that might affect those expectations.

c) All of our output, according to its content and nature, needs to be properly sourced, supported by evidence and cross-checked. We make an effort to avoid irrational conjecture and to be forthright and honest about what we don’t know.

d) Our journalists never purposefully steal content or intentionally misrepresent context or facts, including visual data.

e) To verify claims, information, and allegations—especially those made by public officials or anyone with a purpose other than reporting the facts—we look for independent verification from sources. Normally, credit is given to claims, allegations, significant facts, and other content that cannot be verified.

d) The expatsinkuwait.com believes the material it posts to be accurate and stands by it. We promptly update the news item/information if proven incorrect. We don’t purposefully or significantly mislead our audiences. We don’t present made-up information as fact or falsify facts to damage our audiences’ confidence in our work. We promptly, clearly, and appropriately correct any significant factual errors that we become aware of.

e) We give the public a fair chance to report any inaccuracies or errors in our reporting by including a “Suggest A Correction” section after each published web story.

f) The main duties of our journalists are story reporting, story writing, and fact-checking. One or more editors may review a story before publication. A multi-level fact-checking structure is available in The expatsinkuwait.com for stories that demand careful investigation. A story’s seniority among editors who evaluate it before it is published depends on several variables, such as the story’s complexity, sensitivity, and deadline pressure.

Our Revision Guidelines
Even though expatsinkuwait.com constantly aspires to accuracy and excellence, we accept that mistakes will occasionally occur. If these mistakes are made, Expatsinkuwait.com will assume accountability for fixing the problem and uphold a strict code of transparency to ensure that all stakeholders are assured that false information does not proliferate.

The actions that each party must take to fulfill the objectives of excellence, accuracy, and transparency are as follows:
READERS: Emilee Wentland, the editor-in-chief, should be contacted right away by phone, email, mail, or in person if a reader notices a mistake.

[expatsinkuwait.com] is the email.
Sub: Error Required

A correction cannot be formally submitted until the reader gets in touch with the chief editor. It’s possible that other expatsinkuwait.com staff members won’t respond to corrections you send them right away or at all.

Corrections sent via mail or email should contain the following information: the correction, the issue date or number, the reader’s name, the location of the correction (online, in print, etc.), and a phone number or email address where they can be reached. In addition, readers ought to provide accurate information and, if relevant, cite their source. For instance, kindly submit the minutes of that meeting if the total of votes cast in the Student Senate was off.

The editor-in-chief will respond to the reader and may get in touch with them again if additional information is needed or if a clarification is noted. Please be aware that submitting a correction does not ensure that a correction will be issued; rather, it guarantees that the error will be looked into.

Expatsinkuwait.com: Upon learning of an error, the editor-in-chief will look into it using the reader’s information, meeting minutes, the reporter’s recordings, and any other information sources at their disposal.

If an error is discovered, the chief editor will rectify the information in all forms where it was incorrectly distributed.

PRINT: The corrected version of the next issue will be printed on page 2A. Together with the correction, the issue, article, and inaccurate information will be noted.

Expatsinkuwait.com: The article will be updated, and at the bottom, an editor’s note will be included to clarify any errors and the date of the revision.

SOCIAL MEDIA: A post pointing to the updated version of the article and mentioning its correction will be made if the article is shared on Facebook, Twitter, or any other website under the control of Expatsinkuwait.com.

The editor-in-chief will get in touch with the reader who submitted the correction as soon as the error has been fixed, explaining the steps that were taken to fix it.