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20,391 Traffic Citations Issued, 142 Cars & 70 Bikes Seized in One Week

The Traffic Sector, led by Major General Yousef Al-Khadda, conducted periodic campaigns reported by Al-Anba daily. From March 9-15, Traffic Departments across six governorates issued 20,391 traffic violation citations. Additionally, 142 vehicles and 70 bicycles were impounded due to serious violations. These efforts resulted in the arrest of 12 wanted individuals, nine expatriates with expired residency permits, and 23 juveniles driving without licenses. Furthermore, 57 individuals were apprehended for severe traffic violations.

In separate incidents, 28 vehicles allegedly involved in crimes were impounded. The General Traffic Department (GTD) handled 258 collision accidents causing injuries and 1,903 accidents without injuries. Moreover, GTD conducted a campaign against craft workshops in Shuwaikh, resulting in 95 citations for traffic violations, closure of a workshop, disconnection of electricity from six workshops, and the arrest of three violators of Residency Law.

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