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An Incredible Story of Identity Theft and Gender Transformation Revealed at Kuwait Airport by an Arab Doctor

A startling tale about an Arab doctor who had a full sex change procedure to take on a male identity has surfaced in a bizarre turn of events that validates the proverb, “You will not be able to fool all of the people all of the time.” The plan intensifies as the doctor not only changes her gender but also goes to great pains to pose as a citizen who visited her clinic frequently in her native country. She repeatedly used his passport to exploit this identity until a watchful passport official at a Kuwaiti airport discovered who she really was.

The story starts with a civilian in an Arab nation in need of medical attention, who meets a treating physician who has successfully undergone gender transformation. The patient didn’t know that the doctor had undergone cosmetic surgery to make him look a lot like him. The shocking disclosure didn’t stop there, though, as the physician proceeded to continue the deceit by entering Kuwait and other nations with the patient’s passport and other documentation, successfully taking the citizen’s identity on several occasions.

Suspicion started during one of the doctor’s visits to Kuwait, according to sources contacted by Al-Rai, a Kuwaiti news site, after a passport staffer observed differences between the passport’s images and the person presenting it. The fake appeared confused when asked to identify himself, but he maintained that he was the real passport bearer. The employee reported the issue to airport investigators after seeing warning signs.

A security source revealed, “The investigation revealed the hidden truth: the individual under investigation was a physician who had undergone a sex change, grown a beard, and acquired male features through hormonal treatments.” She used the patient’s passport for travel, taking advantage of their remarkable similarity. The General Department of Criminal Investigation was then tasked with looking into the charges of forgery and impersonation in detail, as well as figuring out the gender of the doctor. Afterwards, the matter was referred to forensic medicine.

Unexpectedly, the security source disclosed, “Investigations will focus on the citizen whose passport was exploited and will extend to the accused’s Arab country in coordination with local authorities.” This seeks to explain the events leading up to this strange example of fraud. The plot develops as authorities from several fronts work together, highlighting the complexity and intrigue surrounding the mysterious Arab doctor and her bold impersonation.

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