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Bulgaria to grant Kuwaitis 5-year, multiple-entry ‘Schengen’ visa

The Ambassador of Bulgaria to Kuwait, Dimitar Dimitrov, announced that the embassy will begin accepting Schengen visa applications from the end of this month at its headquarters in Kuwait. During a speech at the Bulgarian Embassy, he explained that starting March 31, 2024, applicants for short-term visas will be granted Schengen visas instead of the Bulgarian national visa previously issued, provided they meet the required conditions. Kuwaiti citizens will receive a multiple-entry Schengen visa valid for five years, allowing a 90-day stay within every six-month period.

The visa will permit travel to other Schengen countries after visiting Bulgaria, as long as the visa remains valid. However, the visa’s validity cannot exceed that of the passport. Visa conditions and requirements will align with those of other Schengen countries, with a processing period of around 15 days from application receipt. The embassy emphasizes the need for timely visa applications, with a maximum submission period of six months.

Ambassador Dimitrov underscored the embassy’s responsibility in visa issuance, prioritizing the interests, security, and safety of Schengen area countries. He urged adherence to the advance appointment system for smooth operations, and highlighted plans for summer tourism in Bulgaria, including direct flights from Kuwait to Burgas and Varna. He also expressed admiration for Kuwaiti customs and traditions, particularly during Ramadan, acknowledging the significance of diwaniyas in Kuwaiti social life.

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