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Customs employees face tighter regulations

Abdullah Al-Jouan, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, has instructed the Director of the General Administration of Customs to update the fingerprint recording system for shift workers, as reported by Al-Rai daily. Under the new guidelines, employees will now register their fingerprints every 6 hours during their shifts, totaling three registrations for a 12-hour work period. The Director of Customs has communicated this new protocol to the administration’s staff, with implementation set to begin on May 1, 2024. The decision aims to improve accuracy and efficiency in tracking working hours, ensuring employees’ punctuality throughout their shifts. The updated system includes recording both arrival and departure fingerprints, as well as a mid-shift check-in. It addresses challenges faced in adhering to shift schedules, particularly for employees working under different work and rest systems in remote customs ports and nearby areas.

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