China’s respiratory infections surge

Despite the Rise in Respiratory Infections in China, Kuwait is Unconcerned: MOH

The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Kuwait has reaffirmed its decision to stick with the current COVID-19 protocols, despite the recent rise in respiratory illnesses in China. The Ministry of Health (MOH) stated that the situation in Kuwait is stable at this time and made it clear that common viruses and bacteria are the main cause of the increased prevalence of respiratory infections in China.

To stay updated on developments in global health, Kuwaiti health authorities maintain active communication channels with both the World Health Organization (WHO) and Chinese health authorities. The MOH underlined the value of precautionary measures and the ongoing significance of following established protocols.

Health authorities have recommended certain key measures, such as maintaining physical distance, making sure indoor spaces have adequate ventilation, washing your hands frequently, and wearing masks on a regular basis. The MOH hopes to strengthen the community’s collective effort to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and other respiratory illnesses by restating these guidelines.

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