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E-gadgets and games are replacing traditional children’s toys in Kuwait

“In today’s changing world of children’s entertainment, traditional games are being overshadowed by electronic ones, a trend noticed by toy store owners. A recent survey by ‘Al-Rai’ revealed insights into sales trends, demand, pricing, and the popularity of different games. With Eid approaching, the tradition of gifting games becomes special, bringing joy and festivity. However, in the digital age, traditional games seem to lose their charm, as kids prefer electronic ones. While electronic games offer educational benefits, concerns arise about their content and impact on young minds. It’s important to monitor screen time to protect physical and mental well-being. Despite this, games remain important for learning and development, as emphasized by store owners.

Yet, traditional toys still matter, especially during holidays, showing kids still enjoy tangible playthings. As prices rise reflecting economic changes, consumers prefer newer releases, driven by children’s curiosity. Despite economic factors, play’s importance remains, nurturing creativity and social skills. Toy store owners adapt to these changes while preserving the essence of play—a timeless pursuit amidst technology.”

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