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Everything You Should Know About Kuwaiti Family and Dependent Visa Applications

Everything You Should Know About Kuwaiti Family and Dependent Visa ApplicationsThe Ministry of Interior (MoI) declared on Thursday that, starting this Sunday, all residency affairs departments nationwide will begin processing requests from expatriates for family reunions under revised guidelines. The Ministry’s Department of Security Relations and Media issued a statement after Deputy Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and Acting Interior Minister Sheikh Fahad Yusuf Saud Al-Sabah gave the order for this decision.

It stated that the requests will be granted in accordance with Ministerial Decree No. 56 of 2024, which establishes new guidelines for granting entry permits for family reunions. Among these requirements are that the person submitting the request make at least KD 800, have a university degree, and work in a field related to their area of expertise, according to the statement. Sheikh Fahad Yusuf Saud Al-Sabah, the Deputy Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and Acting Interior Minister, issued an order amending certain sections of Ministerial Resolution No. 957/2019 in the Expats Residency Law’s executive regulations. The order outlined the requirements for gaining regular residency in order to join a family member. The decision’s Article One declares that Ministerial Resolution No. 957/2019’s Article 29 is modified to read as follows:

In order for foreign nationals to join a family and obtain a regular residence permit, their monthly salary as residents of the country must be at least KD800. The amount of the foreigner’s monthly salary that is considered is the income from practicing his profession, which is the basis on which he was granted permanent residence in the nation. He needs to be credentialed from an institution, and his career in the nation should match his area of expertise. The requirement of obtaining a university qualification is not applicable to an expat resident whose profession is specified in Article 30 of this decision.

In terms of allowing regular residency to join a family for individuals who are residents or who were born within the nation, as well as for those who were born abroad to parents who are residents and whose age does not exceed five, it is the Director General of the Residence Affairs General Department’s responsibility to exempt them from the salary requirement mentioned in the article’s first paragraph by adhering to the department’s rules and regulations.

The decision’s second article states that the acting undersecretary is responsible for carrying it out, and it will go into effect on the day it is published in the official gazette.

The following professions are listed in Ministerial Resolution No. 957/2019’s Article 30:
1. In the public sector, advisors, judges, prosecutors, experts, and legal researchers
2. Medical professionals and pharmacists
3. Academicians at colleges, universities, and other higher education institutions
4. In the public sector, school administrators, deputies, mentors in education, teachers, social workers, and lab technicians
5. Financial and economic advisors at universities
6. Technical experts
7. Imams, preachers, mosque muezzins, and Qur’anic memorization
8. Librarians employed by public institutions and private colleges

9. Personnel employed by the Ministry of Health, such as social workers, nurses, paramedics, and those with medical technical positions in a range of specializations
10. Government social workers and psychologists 11. Journalists, media experts, and correspondents
12. Players and coaches in sports clubs and the federation
13. Airline attendants and pilots
14. Those who prepare the deceased and oversee their interment.

Documents needed to apply for a family or dependent visa

Since residence is no longer stamped on passports, please provide a copy of your own passport (first and last pages) along with a copy of your civil ID (mobile ID is also accepted).
Copy of your wife’s passport, first and last pages A passport should be valid for at least a year.
Copies of work permits (Izne Amal) Request that your employer supply it. demonstrating that you make KD 800 a month
Graduation degree attested and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in your country and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait (those on the above list are exempt from this requirement; instead, they must present a letter from their employer attesting to their occupation, which must correspond with a work permit).

Relationship Affidavit (You can type this document at any of Kuwait’s typing centers). Obtain a relationship affidavit from your consulate and have the Ministry of Foreign Affairs certify it. (If your name appears on your wife’s passport, you don’t need to go through this process in order to obtain a relationship affidavit; otherwise, you need a marriage certificate stamped from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your nation.)
Make sure there are no mistakes when completing the dependent visa application form available from typing centers, particularly with regard to the passport number and name.
Send your documents to the office of Residence Affairs.- AT

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