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Food Authority Focuses more Heavily on Transgressions in Al-Qurain Markets

In response to food safety violations in the Al-Qurain Markets area, the Food and Nutrition Public Authority has acted decisively, releasing four reports of items unfit for human consumption and six commitments to improve circumstances. In addition, a facility has been closed and 150 kg of food have been ruined because health requirements were not followed.

Governor Mahmoud Bushehri of Mubarak Al-Kabeer underlined the governorate’s steadfast support for the activities of the Food and Nutrition Authority during an inspection tour. He praised the Authority’s commitment to upholding health standards and underlined the significance of placing citizens’ and residents’ well-being first.

The governorate’s dedication to resolving issues brought up by the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition is demonstrated by Governor Bushehri’s attendance during the inspection. He conveyed his desire to work in tandem with several industries, such as agriculture, health, and education, in order to guarantee thorough supervision and responsibility.

Governor Bushehri’s active participation in the inspection demonstrated the sincerity of the initiative, according to Dr. Saud Al-Jalal, Director of the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate Inspection Department, who stressed the importance of following the regulations. In order to successfully address difficulties, the continuous tours seek to enhance inspector morale, encourage compliance, and facilitate inter-agency communication.

After conducting extensive inspections, the Authority will make recommendations to the relevant authorities and refer any infractions pertaining to food safety to the prosecution for additional action. In addition to ensuring public safety, this strict approach demonstrates the government’s commitment to maintaining food hygiene regulations for the benefit of all citizens.

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