Foreigners and Kuwaiti Citizens Captured in the Prohibited Fishing Area

Taking immediate action against three people who were fishing illegally in the forbidden Al-Haishan area is the Ministry of Interior. The Coast Guard moved quickly in response to a report that the operations center received that three people were fishing in the Al-Hayshan marine region from a fishing boat. A Kuwaiti national and two foreigners were found on the fishing boat when it arrived at the stated location.

Authorities found nets and a collection of fish caught during the prohibited fishing season after conducting an examination. The citizen has since been reported to the Environment Public Authority for breaking the law, and an inquiry has been opened. The Deportation Center has been entrusted with the two expatriates. Since they broke the law, the deportation procedure has started. This prompt and decisive response highlights the dedication to upholding laws and protecting the integrity of areas designated as no-fishing zones.


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