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Immediate Attention Needed: Review of Civil Service Commission Administration in Kuwait

In a recent statement to Al-Anbaa, sources stressed the urgent need to accelerate Kuwaitization efforts within the Civil Service Commission’s administration. It was disclosed that out of 14 employees in the Commission Affairs Department, 8 are non-Kuwaiti. This initiative aligns with the Commission’s mandate for all ministries and government entities to achieve full Kuwaitization.

The sources elaborated that this effort entails assigning tasks to qualified individuals based on their competence and experience, aiming to improve effectiveness, boost confidence, instill discipline, and mitigate corruption risks.

In a related update, the Civil Service Commission has approved the annual financial bonus renewal, not monthly, for Legal Department members at Kuwait Municipality. This bonus matches the grades received by members of the Fatwa and Legislation Department for the fiscal year 2023-2024.

Per the commission’s approval obtained by Al-Anbaa, directors and deputy directors of management positions are set at 18,000 dinars annually, equivalent to vice presidents and deputy directors of management in Fatwa and Legislation, corresponding to the excellent grade in the general salary scale.

Furthermore, a reward of 12,000 dinars is allocated for interview advisors, equivalent to advisor positions in Fatwa and Legislation and interview positions for Undersecretaries in the general salary scale.

For assistant advisor positions, a reward of 8,000 dinars is stipulated, aligning with assistant advisor positions in “Fatwa and Legislation” and assistant undersecretary positions in the general salary scale.

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