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In 2023, Kuwait Grants 2,160 Bedouns New Driver’s Licenses

The Central Agency for Resolving the Situations of Bedouns revealed today that 2,160 Bedouns received new driver’s licenses “for the first time” in 2023. This project was carried out in association with the Ministry of Interior’s General Traffic Department.

Representative Abdullah Al-Farhan of the Central Agency’s Information Department said Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that 26,437 driver’s license renewals occurred between January 1st and December 31st, 2023.

Al-Jahra had the most recently granted licenses of any governorate, totaling 1,268. In close succession, “Al-Farwaniyah” and “Al-Ahmadi” acquired 283 and 207 licenses, respectively, while the Capital Governorate obtained 322 licenses. “Hawally” and “Mubarak Al-Kabeer” came next, with 30 and 50 licenses correspondingly.

Al-Farhan stressed that anyone who have legitimate identification cards and become 18 years old can get driver’s licenses. He emphasized further that the granting of these licenses complies with Cabinet Resolution No. 409-2011, which attempts to offer unauthorized inhabitants a number of advantages and amenities.

The Director noted how much the Ministry of Interior and the Agency continue to work together to make it easier for undocumented residents to get and renew private driver’s licenses, and emphasized the value of this cooperation in promoting road safety and legal compliance.

The government’s efforts to address relevant concerns and ensure road safety and legal compliance are demonstrated by the announcement of 2,160 new driving licenses for unlawful inhabitants of Kuwait. Authorities continue to offer vital services to the community through cooperative projects with the Ministry of Interior, improving inclusivity and general well-being.

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