International leaders criticize Ecuador after police forcibly entered the Mexican Embassy in Quito

In Quito, Ecuador, on April 8, global condemnation of Ecuador’s government intensified following its decision to forcibly enter the Mexican Embassy. More presidents and leaders expressed disapproval, shock, and dismay. Mexico’s ambassador and personnel departed Quito for Mexico City after President Andrés Manuel López Obrador severed diplomatic ties with Ecuador in response to Friday’s raid, deemed a violation of international accords by experts, presidents, and diplomats.

Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations, Alicia Bárcena, thanked the returning diplomats for defending the embassy in Quito, despite risking their own well-being. She condemned the violent entry, comparing it to past violations. Police broke into the embassy to arrest former Vice President Jorge Glas, who had sought asylum there since December due to corruption charges.

Mexico plans to challenge the raid at the World Court in The Hague, with support from 18 Latin American countries, 20 European countries, and the Organization of American States. Spain’s foreign ministry also condemned the breach, citing a violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and calling for respect for international law and harmony between Mexico and Ecuador.

The Organization of American States reminded Ecuador and Mexico of their obligation to uphold international obligations, while the US State Department condemned any violation of the Vienna Convention and urged the two countries to resolve their differences.

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