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Iran Refuses Joint Statement on Kuwait-Jordan Durra Field

“Iran Rejects Kuwait-Jordan Durra Oilfield Joint Statement”

Iran has publicly rejected the terms outlined in the joint statement issued by Kuwait and Jordan concerning the Durra oilfield. According to Mehr News Agency, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani asserted Iran’s rights in the field and dismissed the unilateral nature of the statement, stating that it does not secure any rights for the party making the claims, reports Al-Qabas daily. Kanaani referenced prior discussions and consultations between Iran and Kuwait, emphasizing the importance of technical and legal negotiations over sensationalized media posturing. He urged Kuwait to refrain from such approaches and instead advocate for diplomatic dialogue, which he deemed the most constructive way to address the matter.

Furthermore, Kanaani reiterated Iran’s willingness to engage in discussions within a framework that respects mutual interests. He underscored the importance of regional cooperation based on good faith and urged against the interference of third-party governments in the dispute. Kanaani expressed confidence in the ability of the involved governments to reach a satisfactory agreement through friendly collaboration, away from the distractions of media sensationalism.

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