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Kazma, Kuwait Club, Al-Arabi, and Al-Qadisiya are Ready for their Super Cup Matchup

KUWAIT CITY, Feb. 20: The clubs Al-Qadisiya, Kuwait Club, Al-Arabi, and Kazma are stepping up their last-minute preparations for tomorrow’s Super Cup semifinal matches. The teams in white and yellow and green and orange will face off in these contests, with the final match scheduled for this month’s 26th.

The four teams are battling with notable player absences as they prepare for the pivotal matches. Khaled Ibrahim, the center back and captain of the team, will not be playing for Al-Qadisiya because of a muscular ailment. But if the Yellows make it to the Super Final, Ibrahim might be able to play, according to the medical staff. The team is also without Abdulaziz Wadi, Muhammad Khalil, and Faisal Al-Shatti.

In particular, since losing to Al-Arabi in the Amir Cup semifinals, Al-Qadisiya is counting on a strong showing against Kuwait to win back the team’s lost glory in the previous two games.Goalkeeper Abdul Rahman Kamil is getting close to returning to official matches in Kuwait Club’s camp as his qualification program comes to an end. Under the direction of Tunisian coach Nabil Maaloul, the technical team is putting together Kamil and the Congolese Mbinza for their impending matchup with Al-Qadisiya.

Amr Abdel Fattah, who was suspended for the league championship and missed the Al-Fahaheel match, is expected to return to Kuwait Club. Yassin Al-Khanisi, meanwhile, is still sidelined with an injury.Kazma has to deal with the loss of important player Shabib Al-Khalidi because of a muscle ailment. Given that everyone agrees that meticulous planning is necessary to prevent exacerbating the injury, his participation seems questionable.

Along with Saif Al-Hashan, Hassan Hamdan, and Sultan Al-Anazi, Badr Tariq is the latest player to be listed as injured in Al-Arabi. Due to Darko’s strategic vision, Abdul Rahman Al-Dhafiri has been absent from recent matches. The Bosnian coach is thinking about asking him for help.

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