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Kuwait Club Wins the Basketball League Against Al-Arabi.

In their most recent meeting in the second round of the league’s second division, Kuwait Club defeated Al-Arabi 108-67, sailing effortlessly to another victory in the basketball league. Concurrently, Al-Sulaibikhat scored an important victory with a final score of 80–60 over Al-Qurain.Kuwait Club’s score increased to 18 points with this most recent victory, while Al-Arabi’s score was reduced to 14. Similarly, Sulaibikhat’s triumph increased their total to 16 points, while Al-Qurain was not far behind at 14.

Kuwait Club easily trounced Al-Arabi 108-67 in their most recent meeting in the second round of the league’s second division, winning the basketball league once more. At the same time, Al-Sulaibikhat defeated Al-Qurain 80–60 to win a significant victory.With this most recent win, Kuwait Club’s score rose to 18 points while Al-Arabi’s dropped to 14. In a same vein, Sulaibikhat’s victory brought their total to 16 points, with Al-Qurain behind closely at 14.

Even with 31 points from Arab-American professional Dax, Al-Abyad maintained control of the game in the third quarter, pulling ahead 79-43.Kuwait’s coach brought in replacements in the last quarter, and they skillfully maintained the team’s lead as they won the game 108-67 to end the contest.

Sulaibikhat defeated Al-Qurain in the second game, which was vital for them to go to the semi-finals. Sulaibikhat won 80-60, having controlled the first three quarters with finishes of 18-14, 38-31, and 63-42.


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