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Kuwait Cracks Down on Cardboard Waste Exports for Environmental Revival

Abdullah Al-Joaan, the Minister of Trade and Industry and Chairman of the Board of the Public Authority for Industry, has issued a decree banning the export and re-export of cardboard waste for a period of three months. This directive will come into effect upon its publication in the Official Gazette. The decision is aimed at promoting the establishment and enhancement of a national Extended Producer Responsibility system within projects related to recycling cardboard packaging.

Cardboard plays a vital role for many Kuwaiti factories involved in producing consumer goods for the local market at affordable prices. Additionally, local factories have a monthly demand of approximately 30 thousand tons of cardboard, a demand that cannot be met solely through the local market without the implementation of cardboard recycling.

It is important to emphasize the significance of recycling industries in Kuwait, which prioritize environmental preservation, reduction of natural resource consumption, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies seen in developed nations. These efforts contribute to various economic and investment benefits for the commercial and industrial sectors.

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