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Kuwait fish sales decline by 26% in Q1 2024

A recent report from the Central Administration of Statistics shows a significant drop in local fish sales for Q1 2024. Sales decreased by 26.6%, totaling about 194.8 tons compared to 732.85 tons in Q1 2023. The total value also fell by 20.8%, from 1.64 million dinars to 1.29 million dinars. However, the average price per kilogram increased by 7.8%, from 2.23 dinars to 2.4 dinars.

In January, 176.7 tons of local fish were sold, valued at 421.8 thousand dinars, with an average price of 2.38 dinars per kilogram. February saw 199.34 tons sold for 468.6 thousand dinars, averaging 2.35 dinars per kilogram. March recorded sales of 161.96 tons, valued at 408.5 thousand dinars, with an average price of 2.52 dinars per kilogram.

This data reflects a worrying trend in the local fish market, with declines in sales volume and value alongside price increases. Further analysis is needed to understand the factors behind these changes and their implications for the market and consumers.

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