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Kuwait Ice Hockey League Championship Won by The Warriors

The Warriors squad defeated the Stars 10-5, earning them the right to win the Kuwait Ice Hockey League men’s championship for the first time in 2023–2024. The Stars finished in second place.

The Winter Games Club’s league final saw a tight encounter between the two teams in the first two periods due to close scores, but in the third quarter, the Warriors were able to decide the outcome. Third place went to the Bahraini team Al Bahrain, who defeated Mosadz 10-7.

Sheikh Mubarak Faisal Al-Nawaf Al-Sabah, Vice President of the Kuwait Olympic Committee, stated that the organization is eager to assist the club’s endeavors since it is in charge of the Winter Olympics, which hold equal significance to the Summer Olympics. He praised the club’s efforts to promote the games it oversees and stated that he noticed Kuwaiti talents who shown their exceptional ability in this game, calling for the provision of all means to develop their levels.

The club was able to elevate the winter games, including players, referees, coaches, and administrators, according to Public Authority for Sport Deputy Director General for Competitive Sports sector Bashar Abdullah. This is demonstrated by the high number of Kuwaitis who participate in the games, especially ice hockey.

According to Abdullah, the government helps all federations and prosperous teams so that Kuwaiti athletes can excel in international competitions.

The league tournament started in September, according to Fuhaid Al-Ajmi, Chairman of the Winter Games Club. He noted that the matches were extremely competitive, particularly after the Al Bahrain team joined, and that the club hopes to bring in Gulf teams to build a Gulf League.

He declared that the International Federation of the Game’s sanction will prioritize training Kuwaiti players for the International Championship, which Kuwait will host. — KUN

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