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Kuwait Ranks 11th Globally for Air Quality: Swiss Report

In a recent report by the Swiss organization ‘IQ Air,’ Kuwait ranked 11th globally for air quality, evaluating 134 countries and regions based on fine PM 2.5 particle pollution levels. Bangladesh topped the list as the most polluted country by this measure. Kuwait secured the fourth spot within the Arab world, following Iraq, the Emirates, and Egypt. Only seven countries out of the 134 met the World Health Organization’s guidelines for small airborne particles emitted by vehicles and industrial facilities, including Australia, Estonia, Finland, Grenada, Iceland, Mauritius, and New Zealand.

Kuwait City was ranked 13th among world capitals for air pollution attributed to PM 2.5 particles, trailing behind Baghdad and Cairo in the Arab region.

IQ Air highlighted that most countries fail to meet WHO standards for PM 2.5 particles, which are tiny soot specks smaller than a human hair’s width.

While noting global improvements in air quality over the past century, the organization warned of areas where pollution levels still pose significant risks.

In response to a previous report, the Environment Public Authority clarified that Kuwait doesn’t top the world’s air pollution rankings according to IQAIR. The authority assured that dust concentrations typically align with national standards, falling within the green or yellow categories. It stressed transparent publication of air quality data, updated hourly for public access.

The authority emphasized the importance of relying on scientific sources for assessing air quality and the significance of national standards tailored to each country’s circumstances, contrasting with commercial website classifications.

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