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Kuwait University recognized as a healthy university city by WHO

Kuwait University has achieved a major milestone, being accredited as a healthy university city by the World Health Organization (WHO). This announcement came from Kuwait University’s Secretary-General, Prof. Dr. Fayez Munshar Al-Dhafiri, who also serves as the university’s official spokesman. The accreditation follows a visit by a delegation from WHO to assess Sabah Al-Salem University City as a healthy university city last December. Acting Secretary-General Prof. Dr. Fayez Al-Dhafiri expressed gratitude for this accomplishment, emphasizing its significance in reaffirming Kuwait University’s commitment to its developmental and cultural mission. He highlighted the university’s efforts to achieve regional and global prominence and thanked stakeholders, particularly health institutions, for their collaboration. Kuwait University is dedicated to advancing education while adhering to the principles of the Healthy Cities Initiative. This accreditation reflects its commitment to creating a conducive environment for learning, research, and overall well-being within its campus community.

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