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Kuwaiti Society Demands Stricter Laws around e-cigarettes

In a strong call to action, the Kuwait Society for Combating Smoking and Cancer emphasized the urgent need for strict legislation and regulations targeted at reducing smoking, including all forms of e-smoking. This message was given by Dr. Khaled Al-Saleh, Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, at a lecture today on the topic of “Tobacco and Electronic Smoking… Risks and Harms,” which was one of the events commemorating the ninth joint Gulf Cancer Awareness Week with the theme “We are with you.”

Dr. Al-Saleh emphasized that smoking is a worldwide problem that raises mortality rates. He also emphasized the startling fact that smoking-related factors account for about 8 million premature deaths each year. He underlined the serious consequences for one’s health, especially the direct link between smoking and lung cancer. According to Dr. Al-Saleh, smoking prevalence rates in Kuwait are 3.3% for women and 39.2% for men, with most people starting to smoke between the ages of 17 and 30.

Dr. Al-Saleh addressed the rise in electronic smoking and issued a warning against erroneous beliefs about its safety in comparison to traditional tobacco smoking. Studies have shown that, contrary to common opinion, electronic smoking devices have different nicotine concentrations, just like traditional smoking techniques.

In light of the significant health costs that smoking places on healthcare systems, Dr. Al-Saleh demanded that sufficient funding be set aside for initiatives that promote smoking awareness and treatment. He underlined that it is a national necessity to combat smoking and that governmental, civil, and corporate groups must work together to do so.


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