Most Foreigners in Kuwait Have Had Their Biometrics Taken

The biometrics of the majority of expatriates who left Kuwait for regular travel and returned have been completed by the interior ministry. This procedure, which started for residents and Kuwaitis last year, is almost finished. As per well-informed sources, the remaining expatriates who have not undergone biometrics are either untraveled or have broken residency laws.

More than a million expatriates have already had their fingerprints taken, including first-time visitors to Kuwait. According to the sources, every foreign national deported from the nation had their biometrics collected by the ministry as well. The purpose of this measure is to stop manipulation, including the use of fictitious passports and fraudulent activities. In the past, some deportees had turned to plastic surgery on their faces or fingers to change their identities and fingerprints.

Most foreigners in Kuwait have had their biometrics taken.According to the sources, while efforts are made to work with embassies to secure documents for those without passports or whose passports have expired, the deportation department at Talha Prison is directly deporting those who possess passports. Prior to being deported from prison or the airport, every person has their biometrics taken.

Reports highlighted the commitment of administration employees, who process and deport people based on their travel dates seven days a week. The maximum number of inmates, both male and female, that the prison can house is 1,500; the reason for the recent increase in population is heightened security measures.

The ministry of interior had previously declared that a ruling permitting those who violated residency laws prior to 2020 to make amends and pay fines would no longer be in effect. The ministry reaffirmed its determination to expel individuals who violate residency laws from the nation, stressing the ongoing security operations aimed at capturing lawbreakers and upholding the law.

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