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Only Passengers with a “Family Visit Visa” are Permitted to Fly on Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways.

In a recent development, ground service providers at Kuwait International Airport have received a directive from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, according to information that Al-Seyassah has obtained from credible sources. The regulation places emphasis on the requirement that travelers with “family visit” entrance visas must arrive and depart via Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways.

The sources state that Civil Aviation authorities have made it clear that passengers using a “family visit” entrance visa are not permitted to board any other aircraft. Passengers coming on airlines other than Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways have been explicitly informed that they will not be allowed admission and will be quickly returned to their original destination at the cost of the offending airline.

This directive’s justification stems from a letter that Civil Aviation got from the Ministry of Interior. The letter outlines certain requirements for holders of a Kuwaiti “family visit” entrance visa with reference to arrival and departure.

The aforementioned order represents a noteworthy modification to the operating protocols of Kuwait International Airport and emphasizes the criticality of conforming to official regulations that oversee the entry and departure procedures. It is anticipated that the execution of these guidelines will simplify air travel protocols and guarantee adherence to relevant visa laws.

We expect further information on this directive as officials try to properly implement the new rules. As this story progresses, stay tuned for additional details.

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