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Owners of Luxury Car Office Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison, Fined KD 34 Million

The appellate court has amended the charges against the owner of a luxury car dealership and his partner, increasing their prison sentence by two years. They are now sentenced to 12 years with hard labor for their involvement in fraud and money laundering. The court upheld the 10-year imprisonment for money laundering and added an extra two-year sentence for fraud. Additionally, the court maintained a fine of 34 million dinars and ordered the confiscation of funds involved in the crime, while considering the rights and assets of bona fide victims. During the appeal, lawyer Abdul Mohsen Al-Qattan, representing a group of victims, urged the court to reassess the charges against the accused and argued for increased penalties due to the severity of the crimes committed. The initial verdict by the Criminal Court had sentenced the defendants to 10 years with hard labor and imposed a fine of 34 million dinars on their company, along with the seizure of its assets. This ruling came after the defendants were found guilty of money laundering and defrauding over 400 citizens and Gulf Arabs through schemes involving importing luxury cars from abroad. The appellate court’s revised ruling demonstrates a tougher stance on fraud and money laundering, underscoring the need to protect the interests of defrauded citizens and ensure justice is served.

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