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Police and Troops Gather to Arrest Criminals and Illegal Expats

Al-Rai daily says that on Wednesday night, a security operation carried out by the General Administration of Rescue in the Mahboula region led to the issuing of 258 traffic violations and the apprehension of many people involved in various offenses. This initiative highlights the critical need for increased security and traffic measures to prevent security risks, irresponsible behavior, and criminal activities. It is in accordance with the directions of Lieutenant General Sheikh Salem Al- Nawaf, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior.

The operation concentrated on areas with a high number of offenders as well as the region’s entrances and exits. During this security campaign, “Al-Rai” accompanied the personnel of the General Department of Rescue and observed the well-coordinated activities headed by the Department’s Director, Brigadier General Fares Al-Qahtani. All governorate rescue departments participated in the operation, sending out about thirty patrols and one hundred troops. For four hours, the area was effectively closed off, leading to the apprehension of multiple violators.

The campaign’s results included 258 traffic infractions, the discovery of 15 residents who had broken the law, the discovery of 10 people who lacked the necessary paperwork, the identification of 13 people who had arrest warrants, and the arrest of a person who was facing criminal charges. Five vehicles that were in court custody were also detained, and a person found to be in possession of prohibited narcotics was arrested. Security sources stressed that the General Department of Rescue operates constantly throughout all governorates, setting up checkpoints and sending out patrols all day long. In addition, a weekly program unites the vehicles and staff of all rescue agencies and concentrates on a specific area that is closed off and closely watched in order to detect and capture violators, especially those involved in illegal and careless actions.

By serving as a disincentive to anyone seeking to disturb the calm or break the law, these continuing security campaigns seek to protect the safety of locals and citizens. These initiatives are a part of a persistent dedication to day-to-day activities aimed at preserving and improving general security.

Meanwhile, according to Al-Rai daily, Kuwait’s Traffic and Operations Sector has been deploying patrols around the country’s governorates, monitoring infractions, confronting offenders, and conducting traffic campaigns during the last two days. Six persons were submitted to traffic police, nine people were turned over to juvenile prosecution, and 6,186 different traffic tickets were issued as a result. Two more people who were wanted by security were taken into custody. The Interior Ministry’s Public Relations and Security Media Department announced that the efforts resulted in the seizure of 152 automobiles, which were thereafter impounded. In addition, 167 radar infractions were noted, 12 wanted vehicles were seized, and 199 infractions pertaining to nuisance noise were issued. The agency underlined how dedicated the General Traffic agency is to continuing its campaigns and strictly enforcing the law against those who break it. It emphasized how vital it is to follow traffic laws in order to guarantee everyone’s safety on the roads.Police in Mahboula are examining foreigners’ documentation.

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