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Prison Term and KD $4 Million Fine Upheld in Bnaider Network Gang Case

The appeal to reexamine the decision that condemned 16 members of the Bnaider network gang to prison and fined them KD 4 million after they were found guilty of money laundering and forgery was denied by the Court of Cassation, which is presided over by Judge Sultan Buresli. In the Bnaider Network case, it decided to imprison the defendants, which included an Iranian expatriate, after finding them guilty of money laundering and falsifying official documents.

The Court of Cassation overturned the decisions of the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeals, which had cleared the defendants of any wrongdoing related to money laundering. Instead, it sentenced 13 of the defendants to ten years in prison and the remaining defendants to five years in prison with hard labor. Additionally, the court fined all of the defendants more than KD 4 million and seized the watches, jewelry, and cars that had been found at the scene of the incident. The Iranian expat was sentenced to 14 years of hard labor in jail after the court affirmed the first-degree finding that he should serve 4 years in prison for fabricating a driver’s license. The Iranian expat was then deported from the nation.

It is important to note that the suspects were charged with money laundering by the Public Prosecution, who also emphasized that the money taken from the Ports Authority fund had been recycled. A businessman and a Russian expat were the accused; they were both given sentences of 15 years in jail and hard labor. Because there was no relationship between the defendants and the money they had taken, the Court of First Instance had cleared them of all allegations related to money laundering. As a result, it decided that the Iranian suspect should only serve four years in prison. The Court of Appeals supported this decision.

The Court of Cassation, however, overturned that acquittal. An Iranian expat who owned a chalet in Bnaider was earlier taken into custody by the security forces. They seized his cars and discovered substantial quantities of cash inside the chalet. They also tracked the movements of his bank accounts and found connections to a number of businesses, one of whom was previously charged with embezzling money from the Ports Fund, which is supported by the two social security organizations.

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