Raid on Kuwait’s Largest Liquor Factory Arrests Four

Raid on Kuwait’s Largest Liquor Factory Arrests FourIn the Umm Al-Hayman region, Al-Ahmadi detectives raided what is believed to be the biggest local liquor factory of 2024. Four foreign nationals were detained by the authorities on the premises during the operation. Large amounts of illegal materials were found during the raid, including 800 barrels of distillation, 400 bottles of ready-to-sale products, 500 bags of raw materials for manufacturing, 1,600 empty bottles meant for packaging, and 214 large barrels filled with intoxicating substances.

The Abdullah and Ali Sabah Al-Salem Port Investigation Office received information about a locally run liquor factory in Block 6 of the Ali Sabah Al-Salem (Umm Al-Hayman) area, which prompted the investigation. After the veracity of this intelligence was confirmed, the Deputy Public Prosecutor granted legal permission to carry out the operation. The suspects admitted to renting a whole house for 650 dinars and using it to produce locally distilled alcohol for more than a year. It was discovered that every room in the house—including the kitchen and bathrooms—had been converted into a manufacturing and storage space.

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