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Rare triple conjunction of the Moon, Mars, and Saturn will grace the skies of Kuwait this Saturday

The Al-Ujairi Center, also known as the Al-Ajiri Scientific Center, has announced an extraordinary event set to adorn the skies of Kuwait and the broader Arab region this Saturday. As per a statement provided to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Wednesday, the center disclosed a rare triple conjunction involving the moon, Mars, and Saturn.

Scheduled to occur shortly before dawn at around 4:01 am local time on Saturday, the event will witness the moon aligning with both Saturn, often revered as the “pearl of the solar system,” and Mars, famously dubbed as the “red planet.” This unique cosmic alignment promises to enthrall skywatchers until the break of dawn.

During this celestial spectacle, observers will have the remarkable opportunity to witness all three celestial bodies with the naked eye. The moon, resembling a crescent, will signify the final crescent of the holy month of Ramadan. Nonetheless, the magnificence of the spectacle will gradually diminish with the growing light of the morning twilight, as sunrise approaches precisely at 5:33 am.

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