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Security Sweep: 76 Vehicles Seized, 3,273 Traffic Infractions Issued

The General Traffic Department showed its dedication to road safety on Wednesday, January 24, 2023, by deploying security personnel across all highways in every governorate as part of a comprehensive security operation. After considerable work, 327 three different traffic infractions were issued, 76 vehicles that violated the law were impounded in the traffic impoundment garage, and two people were taken into custody by traffic police. In addition, the operation was effective in seizing seven wanted cars and a wanted person, and it also led to the referral of two people to the Juvenile Investigation Department.

The Ministry of Interior has emphasized the General Traffic Department’s ongoing commitment to carrying out these initiatives and has emphasized a zero-tolerance policy for those who disobey traffic laws. In addition to stressing how crucial it is to follow traffic laws in order to protect everyone using the roads, the Ministry has reassured the public that it will not falter in its enforcement of the law. This unwavering position demonstrates the continued dedication to upholding a safe and orderly transportation environment across the country.

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