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Strict Protocols Implemented for the Driving Exam

The Ministry of the Interior’s memorandum—which highlights the cooperative efforts made with pertinent agencies to alleviate traffic congestion issues, particularly in the Sabah Al-Salem suburb and nationwide—will be discussed by the committee. Al-Qabas daily notes that these activities have had a good impact on traffic flow in the neighborhood. In addition, the Ministry called a conference with all parties involved to go over suggested ways to reduce traffic jams and to set a schedule for their execution. Among the noteworthy electronic processes the Ministry has put in place are:

– Adoption of the digital license via the “Kuwait Mobile ID” application, which removes the requirement for foreigners to have printed IDs.
– Networking to guarantee adherence to traffic-related infractions between the Ministry and the Public Authority for Manpower.
– Simplified the online driving license renewal process using the Ministry’s website or government web apps.

– Online license verification to confirm adherence to traffic laws; licenses will be revoked if discovered to be in violation.

Strict procedures have been implemented for the driving test, requiring applicants to pass both theoretical and practical exams in accordance with traffic laws and regulations.

In order to increase efficiency, the Ministry is also looking into the possibility of implementing an integrated driving test across the nations that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council. Additionally, for increased efficiency, technical inspection facilities are being upgraded and contemporary technology has been implemented for vehicle inspection. Proposed changes to traffic legislation are among the legislative adjustments that have been filed for approval.

Numerous important road development projects are currently under progress in cooperation with the Ministry of Works and the General Authority for Roads and Land Transport.

These comprise contracts for infrastructure development in a number of areas, including South Surra and the area around the Avenues Mall, as well as consulting agreements for the construction of ring roads and major thoroughfares. After identifying 39 significant areas of congestion, the Ministry is actively working with the Ministry of Public Works to seek solutions. The General Traffic Department has recommended a thorough traffic study to examine traffic patterns and create strategic measures for reducing congestion, which may include integrating mass transport buses and the national metro project.

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