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The Municipality Provides a Warning That Violations Will Not be Accepted

In light of laws and regulations that make it easier for people and businesses to correct past transgressions, Kuwait’s Municipality reaffirmed on Monday that state property is a red line that should not be crossed. These were said by Kuwait Municipality Director General Saud Al-Dabbous during a seminar on the new advertising laws. According to him, even though they have been modified and new licensing initiatives are being developed, this won’t be the end of their plans to advance and digitize Kuwait’s municipality.

He emphasized the need to keep working to build and update all regulations, noting that work is already underway to develop agricultural regulations, which will also include a construction legislation and numerous other regulations. The organizational structure of the municipality will shortly be adjusted in an effort to decentralize the job, indicated Al-Dabbous. Minister of Municipality Consultant Engineer Faisal Al-Jumaa, for his part, answered questions from municipality staff and presented the articles of the regulations and the procedures, along with explaining the finer points.- KT


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