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The ‘Power’ Cut in Farwaniya Confines Students in Elevators

On Tuesday morning, there was an abrupt thirty-minute power interruption that affected the residents of Farwaniya. Some youngsters got caught in elevators as a result of the outage, which happened between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m., forcing their families to call for help. Witnesses noted the disruption caused, particularly during the morning rush hour while students were commuting to school, when they reported the event. The Al-Anba daily adds that the precise cause of the outage is still unknown. Some buildings’ guards dealt with the situation well, helping passengers stuck in elevators, but others had to call in reinforcements from the Ministry of Interior. In response, the Ministry worked with the General Fire Force centers to handle reports and guarantee the safe release of those impacted by the power outage.

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