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The UK ambassador inaugurates the exhibition titled “The Visit of King Charles III to Kuwait 1993

British Ambassador to Kuwait, Belinda Lewis, opened the exhibition titled ‘The Visit of King Charles III to Kuwait 1993’ at the Kuwait National Library. Speaking at the event, Lewis mentioned that the exhibition coincides with King Charles’s coronation anniversary and marks 125 years of Kuwait-Britain relations. The exhibition celebrates the strong ties between Kuwait and Britain, highlighting over a century of cooperation and mutual support. Also present were Sheikha Hala Badr Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah and Kuwait National Library Director Siham Saad Al-Azmi. Sheikha Hala Al-Badr emphasized the importance of King Charles’s visit in 1993, following the Iraqi invasion, and how it brought joy to both Kuwaiti and British people. The exhibition displays key moments of the visit, including the ceremony where King Charles received the Mubarak Al-Kabeer necklace from the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, becoming the first Crown Prince to receive this honor.

Reflecting on the visit’s impact, Sheikha Hala emphasized King Charles’s admiration for Kuwait’s resilience and progress, especially in education, seen during his tour of the British Council and interactions with Kuwaiti students. She expressed gratitude to the Kuwait National Library for organizing the exhibition and extended congratulations to King Charles on his coronation anniversary. Researcher Issa Yahya Dashti, curator of the exhibition, highlighted its portrayal of historical Kuwaiti-British relations, featuring 30 images capturing King Charles’s meetings and engagements during his visit.

Dashti stressed the significance of King Charles’s decoration with the Mubarak Al-Kabeer necklace, symbolizing the enduring bond between Kuwait and Britain. Director Siham Al-Azmi emphasized the exhibition’s timing, coinciding with King Charles’s coronation anniversary, and highlighted recent efforts to strengthen cultural and diplomatic ties, including the symbolic planting of a friendship tree between the Kuwait National Library and the British Embassy.

Al-Azmi emphasized the National Library’s role in fostering cultural exchange and diplomatic relations with Kuwait’s international partners, showcasing the country’s commitment to promoting mutual understanding and cooperation globally. British Ambassador Belinda Lewis praised the pictures depicting King Charles’ second official visit to Kuwait, coinciding with his one-year coronation anniversary. She remarked, “The pictures illustrate the strong relationship between the ruling families of both countries, evident from their expressions. It’s also intriguing to see pictures dating back three decades, including one of the former Kuwaiti ambassador to London, Khaled Al-Duwaisan, along with others.”

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