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Three years imprisonment for forging official documents and slander

The Criminal Court has sentenced an individual to three years imprisonment with hard labor for forging official documents and illegally using state seals, causing harm to a Kuwaiti woman who holds a department head position in the Ministry of Health. The court has referred the civil case to the concerned civil court. The Public Prosecution accused the defendant of forging two official documents – the results of special mental capacity tests for two girls – to make them appear genuine. These documents were fabricated to resemble authentic ones from the Ministry of Health, contrary to the truth. The defendant unlawfully obtained the department seal of a government department, as well as the seal of a public employee, namely the complainant, and used them to harm the latter’s interests and the public interest. The complainant was represented in court by Lawyer Khalil Haider, who demanded temporary compensation of KD 5,001 for the damages sustained. This ruling reflects the judiciary’s commitment to addressing crimes affecting public order and individual and state interests, emphasizing the importance of maintaining integrity and transparency in all official documents and procedures.

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