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Truck Load Control: Setting Up Weighing Stations to Avoid Damage to the Road

Yesterday, Khaled Mufleh Al-Mutairi, the Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Council, made a suggestion to build truck weighing stations so that drivers could make sure their loads met the necessary criteria. He suggested that the plan might be put into action concurrently with the Minister of Public Works’ ongoing efforts to fix certain roads. Al-Mutairi outlined the various harms that are brought about on the roadways by trucks carrying excessive and unauthorized loads, either in terms of weight or height, in the introduction to his proposal. He emphasized how these large loads cause roads to be destroyed, collapsing them before they should, and forcing the state to pay enormous sums of money to repair and renovate them.

In addition, Alia Al-Farsi, a member of the Municipal Council, submitted a proposal to forbid delivery bikes from being driven and parked on sidewalks and to find other places for them to be parked, such as dirt squares or public parking lots. This will protect pedestrian safety, maintain sidewalk cleanliness, lessen deterioration over time, and enhance the overall aesthetic of the nation. The General Traffic Department, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Kuwait Municipality, and all other pertinent authorities are consulted in this process.

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