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Two people who helped cheat on exams have been sent to jail

“In a case involving leaked high school exam questions, the Court of Appeals has sentenced two citizens – a man and a woman – to two years in prison with hard labor for leading an exam cheating group, as reported by Al-Qabas daily. Additionally, two teachers were sentenced to six months imprisonment for filming exam questions and participating in cheating groups. The court emphasized that these teachers violated the dignity of their profession and their role as role models for students, committing a criminal offense.

The court cleared four defendants of money laundering charges related to funds obtained from students. Previously, the Criminal Court found the defendants guilty of using WhatsApp groups to sell exam questions, making substantial profits by exploiting students’ desire for academic success. The court underscored that exam questions are confidential to accurately assess students’ academic abilities, and leaking them constitutes a punishable crime.

Evidence presented in court revealed that one defendant transferred KD177,000 to a company account in a single day to conceal the profits from selling exam questions. WhatsApp conversations demonstrated the defendants’ disregard for education, facilitation of cheating, and exploitation of students seeking unfair advantages.

The Public Prosecution has brought three cases to trial, charging numerous individuals with leaking exam questions, forgery, and money laundering, with more cases awaiting judicial proceedings. Additionally, the Ministry of Education’s rigorous measures have successfully reduced exam cheating rates in the current academic year’s first semester.”

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