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Use produce from Kuwait; be Kuwaiti

In order to guarantee that 75% of the stocks purchased by cooperative societies come from Kuwaiti farmers, officials have been instructed by the Ministry of Social Affairs, specifically Sheikh Firas Al-Malik, to assemble a team and inspect cooperative societies and stores that sell fruits and vegetables. According to the sources, a decision to start tours of all sales locations and guarantee that all of the cooperative societies’ fruit and vegetable stockpiles come from nearby farmers is expected to be made this week.

Cooperative societies that do not comply will face the necessary consequences. This is so that Sheikh Firas Al-Malik can use his regulatory choices to benefit farmers. The team will be under judicial supervision. As a result, any cooperative society that disobeys will eventually face consequences, starting with the application of judicial control and ending with the suspension of the cooperative society’s financial authority. According to the sources, Sheikh Firas Al-Malik established a committee in this regard in order to examine citizen complaints against cooperative organizations, speed the investigation and follow-up, and take prompt, non-red tape action regarding these complaints.


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